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Private UTV Ride

August 12th - 15th 2022

Welcome Baja Pirates

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This adventure will start at the Tecate border crossing where we will all meet up in the secure parking lot on the US side behind the board crossing. This is a secure patrolled lot and you are able to leave your tow vehicle there for the weekend.  Once we do a quick meet and greet and fuel up we'll cross the international boarder crossing together. Please note you must have current original registration and insurance for you UTV to get into Baja. (see links below)

Also we have change our return days to Monday. No boarder lines and no on trail traffic.



Day 1 Welcome to Baja. 


Heading East through the Sierra Juarez Mountains our first trail will be roughly about 55 miles on entry level trials that will allow you to adapt to the Baja terrain. What starts out and mountain trail soon cascades into pine trees and fast windy trails that you’ll have your UTV flying through. We will come to our first stop of the day in a small Baja town of La Rumorosa. We will refuel in La Rumosoa and then descend down to Laguna  Salada. This fast paced trail will lead us south word down the Baja Peninsula for about 80 miles.  With just a quick stop to see the Salada we'll be back off. We will head over to Ojos Negros for a gas stop proceed down through Independencia to the first technical section of the trail the “Goat Trail” This slow paced technical trail is short but will let you see first hand what Baja can provide. The Goat Trail will put us right back on Hwy 3 and right into Vally de la Trinidad for our next Gas stop and lunch. With no time to waste we’ll make out way up to the legendary Mikes sky ranch in the Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains. The mountains road up to Mikes is both breath taking and nail biting. With off camber cliffs looming at every sharp turn and the constant naturally formed high rise jumps and Mikes will soon be a Baja favorite.

 As we leave Mike's Sky Ranch, we will be descending down the back side of Mikes through the mountain range of Sierra de Pedro. We'll ride the slower paced and definitely more challenging terrain to El Coyote then over to Rancho Meling (Depending on our hunger level it's possible we'll be stopping for lunch here) as we leave Rancho Meling we will be riding on a good mix of race course, and well traveled roads, as we decent down the small town of Camalu located on Hwy 1 just north of San Quintin on the Pacific Ocean. From there we will head south for amazing beach riding and checking out some of the amazing sights Baja has to offer. Our Pacific route will leave you breathless, as you watch the waves crashing just feet from your UTV. We then make a quick stop for lunch, and a splash of gas, before proceeding through San Quintin . This is an extremely fast and enjoyable section of the road and will provide many great memories of your trip! We will then regroup, before leaving the beach and heading into the 'Old Mill Hotel' for night two. 

Day 3

The next morning will start bright and early we will enjoy a group breakfast at the Old Mill, then back on the trail for Day 3. From the Old Mill we will head back on to the beach heading North popping out in Vicente Guerrero for fuel. The North Pacific Beach route is beautiful and fast. There are meany hazards along the route so keep your eyes looking far ahead and listen for those radio call outs. Remember local traffic and residents live here so when in a populated area slow it down to a snails pace. This action packed day will have it all. Beach driving, rocks and yes everyone's favorite the Baja Silt.... It's like the gift that keeps giving. You've come all this way to Baja so you have to experience it. Not to mention it make for some great action pictures. Todays routs will take us about 140 miles into Ensenada and up to Horse Power Ranch for night three.