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2019  PCI Chupacabra Ride

This adventure will start on the 18th as we fly down to Loreto as a group. (Airfare inc) Our offroad driving starts on July 19th. As we explore Baja Sur. Itinerary of full trip is coming soon but here is a quick discription. Day 1 Loreto to Mulege, Day 2 Mulege to Scorpion Bay,  Day 3 Scorpion Bay to San Carlos, Day 4 San Carlos to Todo Santos, Day 5 Todo Santos to La Paz, Day 6 La Paz to Cabo, Day 7 Fly home from Cabo. 

Off the Grid will transport your UTV from California to Loreto a few days previous to the trip starting. Once we end in Cabo on the 24th we will transport your UTV back to California.

If you are interested in this trip please email us. Space is very limited on this type of trip.

More coming soon on full trip....


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