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July 11th - 18th  2021
8 day Full peninsula. Cali to Cabo  all inclusive Baja Expedition

Cabo Pirate Trip

Cali to Cabo full Peninsula Baja Ride

Driver and Passenger

$1500.00 Deposit
$6800.00 Total Cost

This 1500 mile trip down the Baja Peninsula will be limited to only 14 UTV's. This will be more of the extreme expedition as we will be pushing over 200 miles on some days  This trip will truly test you. If you’re an adventurous UTV rider and like to push the limits then this is for you. This is NOT a few hour trail ride tour.  We will be doing over 1500 + miles.  The days will lead into nights and adventure of conquering the Baja won’t stop. Along the way we will see some specular sights. Bouncing over the Baja Peninsula from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific multiple times we will be sure to take in all Baja has to offer. We will have a chance to stop and see historic missions and other Baja favorites. Once we arrive in Cabo your UTV will be transported back to Tecate. (Transport Cost included) This will allow us to fly Back and pick up your UTV in Tecate. The plan is to do 7 days of off road driving down the Baja Peninsula and then stay 2-3 days in Cabo at the Cabo Azul Hotel to relax and reflect on the amazing trip. (Hotel in Cabo is not included in the trip cost but we will have a group rate set up) Commonly we have friends and family fly down and meet up with us for the few days in Cabo. Please be sure this is for you. Space is limited and this is not for the faint of heart.


DAY 1. USA TO SAN QUINTIN - This will be a true test of driving ability and endurance!

With a 5.30am start time, the lucky few making this trip will cross the US border, through Tecate into Baja Mexico, on what is to be the adventure that no mere mortal will forget!


We will tackle the fast, windy, drifting trails of the Compadre Trail through the pine forests and over the mountains of Sierra de Juarez, leading us from Tecate to Ojos Negros and Hwy 3.


With a quick stop for gas and no time wasted, the drivers will make the transition over to Valley Trinidad and start the Pikes Peak of Baja, up to Mike’s Sky Ranch. Normally, this would be where we end on the first day, but not for this lucky bunch of Banditos! The group will press on and head down the back side of Mike’s to Old Coyote Ranch, making their way west to the Pacific Ocean. This road I like to call El Baja Talladega, due to the rolling hills and sneaky sharp turns.


Once we reach the Pacific Ocean, we meet up with the Chase Crew for a quick lunch, then race our way down the coast to San Quintin, where we will stay at Baja’s finest - The Old Mill.” As some of you know already, the Old Mill owner, Javier, is one of the most accommodating people in Baja. Javier will greet us with cold cervezas and fresh caught fish, laid out in Baja style!



DAY 2. SAN QUENTIN TO Catavina - Rise and shine, the trail awaits you!


Departing the Old Mill while still rubbing your tired eyes, we have a 50 mile off road loop down Hwy 1 to El Rosario, for a quick splash of gas and snacks before jumping back on the dirt for the mind blowing, Catavina loop, sure to bring a smile to your face.


This is the true definition of Baja. The Dr. Seuss trees and cactus forests will leave you in disbelief of the beauty of Baja. The Off the Grid Expedition crew has pre-run and inter-joined a custom section, so that the loop will take us farther south along the beach, before heading east back up to Hwy 1. Chase 2 meets us here for more gas and we continue on a new trail not yet run on any expedition down to the Bay of LA or Bahia De Los Angeles. The trail takes us past the Mission San Borja onto Hwy 5 for a small road section. Be on the lookout for the Baja Dancing Cirio. As you crest the last of the mountains, you will understand the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. A warmer climate, a nice soft bed, air conditioning and a good dinner will await, with the long day behind you!



DAY 3. Catavina  to BAY OF LA - If you are an early riser, and want to make your family and friends jealous, the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez is spectacular!


Keep in mind Baja has its own climate and being on the gulf side of the peninsula the temperature will be heating up fast.


A first-class breakfast, and then back on the trail, you will see the volcanic islands, just off the coast, and also some old, abandoned jails built by Mexican settlers. The trails of the day consist of some faster dirt roads, allowing you to put the pedal down. But don’t get too comfortable, the trail will become more technical as we head over to San Rafael, to my old friend, Poncho, the Mexican astronaut who inhabits the point of San Rafael. We’ll say a quick hello to Poncho and drop him off some supplies. (Poncho is an old and dear friend, who personally helped me out following a severe motorcycle crash back in 2006. Luckily for me, I walked away battered and bruised, but my bike was not so lucky.)


The we will traverse the trails over to El Arco and into San Ignacio, located in the middle of the peninsula and surrounded by a lagoon-type tropical feeling. This is where the humidity starts to kick in, and a tropical part of Baja can be seen for a short while. But we have planned to stay at the historic Rice and Beans hotel, where with all things going our way, we can relive the stories of the day with an ice cold beer! Get some much needed rest, because, as stated before, the sun will be up before you know it.

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DAY 4. BAY OF LA to SAN IGNACIO - With an early start, we travel just a few miles into San Ignacio town square to see the beautiful Mission of San Ignacio!


We will do a little sightseeing around the Mission, take some group pictures, and get back on the super fast trail heading to one of the best surf spots in Baja, Scorpion Bay. Along the trail we cross the salt flats and some possible non-hazardous water crossing, before our lunch destination in Scorpion Bay. Do not dilly-dally, we have a long road ahead of us, driving down the Pacific Coast before turning off into the mountains of La Prisma. This is where you need all your wits about you - there is no room for mistakes!! The volcanic mountainside claims tires, due to its sharp, razor-like edges, but with careful driving and co-driving it can be easily navigated. Once we start our descent headed for Loreto, we encounter a few silt beds, but what is Baja without a little silt - right?


So, clear the silt from your eyes, as we enter the city of Loreto - the fourth largest city in Baja, with a backdrop of the Sea of Cortez, sail boats and historic buildings, enough to blow your mind! We spend the night in a hotel there, before moving on to the next adventure.


Please remember, we will be getting in after dark on most of these days, so with early starts our chances of seeing the sights each day is improved.



DAY 5. IGNACIO to LORETO - Back into the mountains we go!


At first, this seems an easy day on a smoothly graded trail, leading to the historic San Javier Mission, where we do a small tour. As we leave the Mission, the trail slowly turns into a single- lane graded rock infested trail and leads us back over the peninsula to Puerto San Carlos. This is a fishing town, best known for the viewing of grey whales and unbelievable views.


We stay the night in a beachfront hotel. Although this is one of the shortest days of the trip, with less mileage it allows us to take in some amazing sights and do any needed truck maintenance. On this trail you will want to make sure your windows are rolled up, since we have several water crossings to traverse.


DAY 6. LORETO to PUERTO SAN CARLOS - Being well rested, we are ready to get the heart pumping again!


Heading back out on the trail, we start our winding way over the mountain range. Several places to see along the way: the San Luis Gonzaga ruins and the Mission San Luis Gonzaga Chiriyaqui - the most southern of the missions - will be next to visit. Then we start the trail back over the peninsula to hug the coast down to the City of La Paz


The trails to-day consist of single-lane rocky roads and some possible water crossings and super fast two-lane dirt roads. Time permitting, we will have a chance to see one of the most beautiful bays in Baja, San Evaristo.



DAY 7. SAN CARLOS to LA PAZ  - Navigating our way back out of this major city and heading south down to our trail on this final day of an amazing trip.


We will make a slight detour, and head over to visit the Bahia de Los Metros (Bay of Dreams.) This is when you plan your next life move to Paradise. The we treat you to 170+ mile drive down the East Cape to Cabo. This is a fast-paced, drifting road, with some truly amazing architectural sights to see. Before you know it, we will be in San Jose del Cabo, at the Cabo Azul Hotel…. rubbing your eyes and asking yourself “What have I just done?” Some 1200 + miles later!



Along this trip, I have planned several more sights to visit - Missions, historical points of interest and several coastal wonders. I wanted to plan a great off-road trip to also include and expedition-style feel and explore a little. Most mornings we will have a 6am breakfast and leave by 7am. The earlier we leave, the more we can see throughout the day.


Off the Grid Expeditions is renowned for putting on some of the most exhilarating off-road trips in Baja. Our passion for this majestic place has keep us returning year after year, and with our extensive knowledge of Baja, and “to the T” logistic planning, the Off the Grid Expeditions Crew prides itself on making your trip one you will never forget! This is the longest trip to the tip of Cabo and we can guarantee you nothing has been left out!

So what's included on this UTV adventure? 


With extensive planning, these tours are designed for you to just show up and enjoy yourself. Leave all the stressful logistics and planning to us! 



Whether you’re a Baja race veteran or this is your first time to Baja these professionally guided tours are designed so that we do all the work. You just show up, drive and take the true experience of Baja in. We will remove the "what if" factor from your adventure.


·       Guided trails right from the border every step of the way. 

·       The entire course has been pre run and mapped so that you will be able to view the trail on your mandatory                      Lowrance GPS unit. 

·       Hotel accommodations  for all nights.

·       Breakfast and dinner, all nights. 

·       Unsurpassed trail support. With our mechanics on the trail your mechanical problem is a thing of the past.

·      A lead UTV will guide you every step of the way. The lead UTV will radio back any potential  hazards that you will             be encountering along the way.

·      A sweep support UTV, that hold parts and tools for almost any trail breakdowns, will ensure that everyone gets to           their destination. 

·       On the trail Mechanics that will handle any issues that might pop up. These mechanics, or “Baja Ninjas” as we call          them, are truly amazing to have along. 

·       Parts for most manufacturers are carried on trail, as well in 2 fully outfitted Chase trucks and trailers. (We still                 require you to carry your own specialized parts for you own UTV.)

·       The Chase trucks hold a multitude of tools, welders, parts, wheels and tires as well as emergency fuel and medical          equipment baring any insentient along the way.  

·       Media coverage, to capture photos and video footage of our adventure.



What are you responsible for?


You are responsible for just a few things on this amazing journey.


·       First and foremost, you are responsible for your actions. A clear and level headed driver and passenger. You will              be able to drive at your pace, and to your driving ability. Whether it be a cruising speed or at a faster pace, as long         as you are comfortable and in control, you’re doing good. 

·      Good attitude, this is a must!!! I can assure you along the way we will encounter  some type of mechanical issue             and we will all have to stop. Our mechanics will be on any issue as fast as possible. With a good attitude, we will all           have a good time.



·     Minimum of 1 spare tire. A second can be carried on the chase truck for you.

·     Tools to change a tire. (Jack, tire iron, etc) 

·     Minimum of 2 or more spare belt

·     Preparation. Please have your UTV prepped and ready for this adventure. This includes all spare parts stowed                  securely away, as well as tools and spare tires. Please make sure all services are completed and your UTV is well              maintained. 

·     Helmets wired to radio via intercom. This is mandatory. At the speeds these UTV's can get going you will have no          time to fumble around looking for you hand held radio mic.

·     GPS and Radio with Intercoms. Mandatory

·     The GPS used are the Lowrance units. We will provide the trail map and load it onto your device for you. 

·     VHF radio. Handheld or mounted system. 

 **Please make sure both are in good working order and you know how to use them. 


·       Food and drinks. You are responsible for your lunch and trail snacks along the way. You will also want to bring                  plenty of bottled water and beverages for consumption while out on trail. Please make sure everything is secured. 

·       Gas. We will be stopping for gas on several occasions, which you will be responsible for purchasing. On some                  expeditions additional gas will need to be carried.  We will notify you via pre event email if you need to carry the              additional 5 to 10 gallons of gas.

·       Cash, small bills. Please make sure you have cash, in small bills. The gas stations do not take credit cards. 

·       Passports and Drivers licenses. You will need you passport to enter back into the USA. 

·      Insurance. You will need insurance for your UTV. We will provide the link to the insurance  company after you                 have signed up. There is a discount rate set up. 


**  Special Note: Absolutely no illegal drugs or guns are allowed in Baja. Prescription Drugs need to have valid                       documents with them.


The cost:

$6800.00- includes 2 participants (you and your passenger) 

       All accommodations for 8 days and 7 nights, including breakfast and dinner. 

       Logistics/GPS mapping. Trail support w/ mechanics. Chase trucks and trailers. Mechanics and support staff.                   Media coverage.


-Additional Passengers Please call

Questions please contact us...

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