2019 / 2020 Off the GRID Expeditions Schedule 

Please read through and choose the Expedition that best fits you. Please note the prices listed here are customer owned UTV's and are for 2 passengers per UTV.  They include all Hotels, Dinners, Breakfasts, Trail guilds, Mechanics, Chase support and full GPS navigation of tails. On every Expedition, a leading guide UTV call out any potential dangers that may appear. A sweep UTV takes up the rear and carries a multitude of parts and mechanics. These Expeditions are designed to allow you to explore beyond the limits and let Off the GRID Expeditions handle all the logistics. We keep our Expeditions small with about 10 newcomers per trip.

Rentals are available at an additional cost. See Rental page for more information. 

Jan 17th - 19th 2020
3 day 2 night all inclusive Baja Expedition

UTV Baja Ride

Method Race Wheels presents the 3rd annual Baja Expedition for UTV off road vehicles. This organized 3 day event will cover over 500 miles of Baja’s finest trails and over a wide range of scenic terrain, that will leave you breathless. Method Race Wheels is proud to host an industry event like this in Baja, to share one of the last true off road frontiers. 

Feb 27th - Mar 1st 2020
4 day 3 night all inclusive Baja Expedition

UTV Baja Ride

With just a short Highway drive (approximately 5 miles), we will hit the dirt and be on the trail. The first day’s trail will lead us through the Sierra De Juarez mountain range. This is some of the most spectacular scenery in Baja. 

May 12th - 18th 2020
7 day Full peninsula. Cali to Cabo  all inclusive Baja Expedition

Ever wanted to Conquer the Baja? This 7 day off road expedition from California to the tip of Cabo will let you claim your right of passage to Baja.  The 1200 miles of the Baja desert, beaches and mountain passes will leave you in awe as we drive down the Baja Peninsula on a trip of a life time. 


UTV Baja Ride

Jun 13th - 19th 2020
7 day Full peninsula. Cabo to Cali all inclusive Baja Expedition

From Lands’ End to the Mainland, you're invited on this 1300 mile adventure up the Baja peninsula. That’s right... we will transport your UTV from Santa Ana, California to Cabo, where you will fly in and meet up at the Cabo Azul Hotel for pre expedition festivities. (Hotel in Cabo is not included in the trip cost but we will have a group rate set up) 


Lands End to the Mainland

Oct 9th - 12th 2020
4 day 3 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition


      UTV Baja Ride

On this 4 day 3 night Baja Ride we will cover about 700 miles of the Baja. We will start through the Sierra Juarez Mountains  and cover 170 miles on our first day over roads rocks and race course. Night one will be at the famous Mike's Sky Ranch. Day two will start early..............

Nov 6th -9th 2020
4 day 3 night all inclusive Baja Expedition

We will drive our UTV’s across the boarder and just a few miles down Hwy 3 we will be in the dirt. We plan the first 50 miles of easy terrain so you can get your Baja whits about you. We will head East through the mountain and over to La Rumorosa for our first refueling stop. The trails will consist of fast smooth dirt roads with the occasional rough section.

 El Coyote

UTV Baja Ride

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