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       "Uncharted Baja"

Trip Outline: Baja North Loop - 5 days, 4 nights. Tecate to San Felipe, Cativina, San Quintin, and Ensenada exit back through Tecate.

Dates: November 8th - 12th 2024

Trip Cost Per Owned UTV: $3250.00. Covers 2 people per UTV, Hotels, food, guides, mechanics, support trucks and trailer.

Deposit; $1,000.00 Non Refundable

Trip Itinerary 

Off the Grid Expeditions is proud to bring you a whole new adventure, "Baja Uncharted." This new series of action-packed adventures will take you way beyond the normal. A trip designed for the "extremely adventurous thrill seekers," most days will consist of about 200 miles of driving and will have limited stopping on the trail. This will NOT be like the normal expeditions we put on. You must be experienced and have some mechanical knowledge for working on your own UTV (Know how to change belts, tires and other mechanical issues) We will still have a lead UTV and a sweep UTV with mechanics and medics. Chase support will be on near by Hwy. If you encounter a bigger problem then you can handle our mechanics will aid in fixing your UTV. Our goal is to explore this amazing peninsula with Big Days and with Big Miles!!! This is not for the rookies !!!  Arrival time to our destinations each night  will depend on how the days goes. 10 gallons of Fuel and lunch must be carried on board with you on trail.  UTV perp and mechanical repair must be down at the end of each day no matter what time we get in. 

Meet up time is 7am in Tecate at our secure paring lot (address will be emailed to you after registration and payment) 

Day 1 - Tecate to San Fleipe 

            An amazing day of driving, and the trails provide a multitude of terrain. Staring in the pine forests of north Baja at an altitude of 4500 feet, you will experience some of Baja's best well-maintained trails. This is an awesome introduction to Baja. Lunch will be in "Vally T” Before we head down Hwy 3  to the top of the San Felipe. The El Diablo dry lake will probably be wet this time of year, but it will still be an awesome time as we can check up and do drone video footage of all the UTVs side by side. After playing around, we will aim our sights on the famous San Felipe washes. These washes are technical and challenging and need to be driven with care. Belt temps can sour, and the constant oversteering will definitely take its toll on the drivers.

The final stretch into San Felipe will be the whooped put ZOO Road. Famous for high-speak videos online with whoops the size of Volkswagens. Luckily, we will only have about 15 miles of them, just enough to see what the Baja1000 races endure. Tonight, we will stay in the El Cortex Hotel.  This epic beachfront hotel has a beautiful restaurant and bar on the sand. 

Day 2 -San Fleipe  to Gonzaga Bay / Cativina 

            Day two, the adventure starts as we head out to the “never-never.” At this point of the trip, you will realize the importance of what Off the GRID Expeditions provides. Once we leave San Felipe, we will be on our own and will be 100% relying on our Chase support team for any help needed. The plan is to head back into the sand Hwy’s of San Felipe and run some amazing fact trails. I have many trails mapped for this section so that we will pick the best maintained for the day. Lunch today will be in Gonzaga Bay, right on the Sea of Cortez. After lunch, the challenge for the day will start as we do a little Hwy drive until we reach the“ Tractor Trail,” this nail-biting rocky hill climb that will leave you white-knuckled all the way. Reaching the summit and taking a breath of fresh air to bring your heart rate down is a must after this trail. We will finish with a rocky trail to end at the hotel Mision Cativina for the day. Today was a good day.

Day 3 - Cativina to San Quintin

            On day three, we’ll continue crossing the peninsula toward the Pacific Ocean. San Quintin is the destination, so we planned a fun, high-speed trail to loop us into the mountains and then to the Pacific. Cativina to San Quintin, also known as the Baja Rock Garden, is beautiful. The sighs and trails will leave you in awe, and we zoom by the cactus and rock formations just inched from the trail. The terrain is hard-packed and, at times, will be rocky; however, the rock crawling sections are sort but will allow you to see just how capable these UTVs are. The end of this trail is a little more challenging as we will encounter some rock sections and large ruts on the trail. Tonight, we stay at the Old Mill Hotel in San Quintin and exchange stories of the day. 

Day 4 - San Quintin to Ensenada

            Our trip starts its way back north today, and to start it off, we’ll do some beach riding right on the water's edge before we have to jump on the fast-paced trails toward Ensenada. These trails are fast, but caution must be used as several hazards are in front of you; winding up the Pacific coastline for over 100 miles to San to Tomas is a very commonly used trail in races and other offroad enthusiasts.  As we exit our trails for the day, we will have to Hwy to the hotel for the night, the historic Horse Power Ranch. This is a hotel favorite as its setting is a true ranch and makes for a true Baja feel. Amazing food and drinks await us at the Ranch.

Day 5 Ensenada to Tecate

            Our last ride - So let's make it a good one. Today, we ride back up North to Tecate. Once again, depending on the time of year, we will enjoy this treasure of Baja. This fasted trail is wide and hard-packed, allowing you to drift your UTV around every corner. We will climb in elevation as we make our way north to Tecate. Although the exit trail for the day is only about 100 miles. It is often mentioned that it's one of the best trails in Baja. We normally check up a few times on the last day, but we plan to be in Tecate by noon. We will then cross the border as a group and back over to our first-day meeting spot to say our good buys. 

We understand you might have your unique question so please fell free to contact us directly. We'd love to answer any question you have.

Questions please contact us...

Date Outline:

Nov 8th: San Felipe

Nov 9th: Cativina

Nov 10th: San Quintin

Nov 11th: Ensenada

Nov 12th: Tecate Exit


Trip Includes -  

- Guided trails from the border every step of the way

- Our guided trails from the border are mapped and pre-run, ensuring you can view the trail on your Lowrance GPS unit. Check the GPS Usage page (click here) for more information. 

- Hotel accommodations are provided for all nights of the trip.

- Breakfasts and dinners are included for all nights.

- Our trail support is unparalleled, with mechanics on the trail ready to assist with any mechanical problems you may encounter.

- A lead UTV will guide the group and alert you of potential hazards during the trip.

- A sweep support UTV carrying parts and tools will ensure everyone arrives.

- On the trail, mechanics, known as "Baja Ninjas," will handle any issues that may arise.

- Please note that different models and manufacturers of UTVs require different parts. While Off the Grid carries some parts, we recommend bringing any spare parts necessary for your UTV. These parts will be carried on the chase trucks. We recommend carrying spare belts, rear axles, and commonly used parts for your UTV's manufacturer.

- The chase trucks carry numerous tools, welders, parts, wheels, tires, emergency fuel, and medical equipment in case of any issues along the way.

- Check the Requirements page (Click Here) for more information.

- Check the FAQ page (Click Here) for answers to commonly asked questions.

Trip Cost:

$3250.00- includes 2 participants (you and your passenger) 

       All accommodations for 5 days and 4 nights, including breakfast and dinner. 

       Logistics/GPS mapping. Trail support w/ mechanics. Chase trucks and trailers. Mechanics and support staff.                   

-Additional Passengers Please Call 

Questions please contact us...

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