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OFF the GRID Expeditions Team has access to some of the best off-roading in the world. Built on the 100,000+ miles of guided UTV tours throughout the beautiful Southwestern United States and the legendary terrain of Baja California, the Off the GRID Team is one of the most experienced and respected teams in the business.


Off the GRID Expeditions was created so that our team can take its off-road experience, and share it with adventurous individuals just like yourself. Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned veteran in the off road world, we all share one thing in common, the love for using our UTV's vehicles off road. Those untouched and untraveled trails, that exist only to those who dare to venture off the GRID, are now in your reach!


No matter what UTV manufacture you own your welcome on any of our UTV expeditions. If you don't own you own side by side, don't worry, we rent out fully built Can Am Maverick X3's. These amazing vehicles will blow you away on how capable they are in any type of off road terrain. Our UTV expeditions are professionally planned so your adventure is sure to your delight. With a wide range of expeditions to choose from, you're sure to have the ultimate off road adventure and still have the reassurance of a professionally guided off road tour company.


Off the GRID Expeditions takes the "what if" out of the equation and allows you to take that risk factor to the next level. On every adventure, the Off the GRID Expeditions Team provides the following:


  • Professional trail guides. Guides who know the trails and how to take care of you. 

  • Lead Can Am UTV and rear Sweep Can Am UTV with mechanics insures no one is ever left behind. 

  • Pre-navigated trails, mapped out with a GPS file for your vehicle. Just follow the along on your GPS. 

  • Radio communications. Radios are our life lines on these expeditions. Car to Car communication is a must. 

  • Professional on trail mechanics that are qualified for most any break down.

  • Satellite communication via MSAT keep all the crew in contact all the time real time. 

  • Spare parts and tools to repair most any necessary fixes. 

  • Professional Logistic planning both in the USA and Baja. We work with local business owners, farmers, land owners and governments on each expedition to access the best terrain Baja has to offer.

  • Multiple chase support trucks and trailers, to provide additional aid to your adventure. 


Being a part of the Off The GRID Team is the best and safest way to experience Baja. Having these safety parameters in place will insure you have the ultimate off-road adventure. Leave all the headaches to us and enjoy your journey; after all, you came to drive not to work.


The excitement of an off-road adventure, beauty of the outdoors, and friendships you'll make along the way are unmatched by any other experience!

A true “Baja” experience. We plan on attending more of your trips in the future. You guys really have it down to a science. John is a “hella” good dude! Lol. Pablo was a huge help and a genuine guy as well as the rest of your staff. I am sure at times it is stressful for you to manage a group like that but you really are a professional!

Brian L.

We had the best time! Cant thank you and John enough. You both have so much Baja knowledge and it's truly an honor that you share it with us!! The rides are fast, fun and of course exciting! Cant wait for the next one. You haven't lived until you get to do 80 mph through the challenging terrain of Baja, And to be led and safely guided by Off the Grid Expeditions is a lifetime experience. The hotels are  World famous, and always comforting. 

Jeff G.

The El Coyote Baja 2018 Ride is our 3rd trip with Off the GRID Expeditions, and as such the experience was equal to the previous 2 trips.  The team working with Conner are well equipped and experienced, and know their business.  On trail repairs that you would think are not possible are addressed quickly, UTV’s are repaired and rolling in a very short time (I had an axel replaced in less then 10 minutes; tools, spares and knowledge was the key factor).


Most important to me is the fact that the team takes our overall safety in Mexico into consideration as a priority.  They are very conscious of the residence and respect the Country we are visiting and enjoying during these trips.  Routes are well planned and never a “mis-turn” along the way.

Paul VN.

That was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had! Never has there been another time that my adrenaline was running so high for so long! It was also a pleasure to meet all of the “characters” that gravitate to an activity such as this. To touch on some of the specifics of the trip I think you couldn’t have been more accurate in saying the first day is the hardest. Speaking for myself I was certainly tense and intimidated. Trying to keep up and being in unfamiliar territory was enough to make me a little uncomfortable. After a couple hours of going wide open and getting more familiar with the terrain I began to settle in. by the second day I was able to turn that tension into excitement and couldn’t wait to get out on the trail. The accommodations were awesome and more than adequate. Mike’s and Horsepower were super rad and nostalgic def a must stop on a trip like this. Food was awesome as well. I’m a pretty picky eater and didn’t hesitate in the slightest with any of the meals that were provided for us. Your crew was awesome as well. John has a great personality and helps lighten the mood and also brings people together. The piece of mind having the chase truck and spare parts takes away any of that nervousness of getting stuck or spending the night in the dessert a total stress reliever. It truly was one of the best vacations/trips/adventures I’ve ever been on. Super organized and (eventually) stress free. I am totally addicted and can’t wait to sign up for another one…

Alan B.

I was his navigator on the trip. First of all, it was a pleasure meeting you and your team and having you all guide us through every aspect of the trip. I have been to Mexico countless times over the years, but I’ve got to admit I haven’t been to northern Baja in the last 15-20 years due to all of the crime and issues which the news reports. Consequently, I had a little anxiety about safety even before the trip began. That all went away by the middle of the first day as your team and the overall size and organization of the event itself showed me that this was going to be a safe adventure.


As for the ride itself – it was no less than awesome! All of the preconceived ideas I had about riding the trail – the dust, dirt, mud, boulders, hairpin turns, natural scenery, steep cliffs, intense concentration – all of them were not only true but they were amplified tenfold! That just made it more exciting. Further, I could not have hoped for a nicer and more friendly group of people to go with. All of the participants and all of your team were happy, helpful, talkative and just plain old fun. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially from the perspective of a newcomer like me.

Larry B

I wanted to start off with how much we enjoyed the expedition and your very dedicated, talented and fun team. Prior to the trip, not knowing what to expect definitely caused some anxiety, but shortly after arriving at the parking lot and meeting other fellow drivers, I quickly started to relax. Meeting your crew and seeing the level of chase support also helped the anxiety level as well. Very impressive organization Conner!

 It’s so hard if not impossible to explain to friends and family what the trip was like. Looking back, it was sensory overload. From the beautiful country and people, to the incredible varied whoop-less trails and driving in places that, at least where I grew up in California, would end up in a chase with law enforcement, I was constantly smiling. And knowing that no matter what happened, we were in good hands and completely taken care of by you guys made the trip surprisingly relaxing and truly indescribable. 

 For the piece of mind, the incredible driving, awesome support staff and the memories, it’s hard to put a price on the experience!

Randy N.

We cannot say enough about Off The Grid Expeditions - we had an absolute blast on the Tensor Tire trip.  Each member of your staff made the trip so much fun and they were always there to make sure that everything went as planned.  The camaraderie that we experienced on the trip was something that we did not expect.  Every person on the trip helped every other person on the trip and everyone worked together to make sure the trip was safe. Thank you for doing all of the hard work, and letting us just enjoy our vacation.  Also, being one of two women on the trip concerned me the first half day.  However, everyone was very respectful and made me feel included.  I would definitely recommend this to any lady that is even remotely thinking that it might be fun! We cannot wait to book our next trip (and have already been checking our calendar)! Thanks again for making this one of the best adventures/vacations that we have done!

Melanie H.

The entire experience was positive even though we lost the first day due to limp mode issues.  Your whole crews positive attitude and ability to adapt on the fly is what makes adventures like this work. As someone who has spent time in many different challenging and often dangerous situations, the calm, steady and positive team members are always the ones who prevail. Your team is packed with them and that what’s makes these trips so good. Regarding Baja, it’s mind blowing diverse and beautiful terrain is so fun, getting to cover so much different terrain day after day is what makes it so special.  Additionally, the quick pace we’re able to keep driving in a group that communicates as one, inspires confidence that you cannot get alone. 

Jonah D.

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