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2018/19 Baja Expeditions Schedule

Chupacabra - Oct 19th - 21st 2018 - 3 day 2 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition  (Click Here)


El Coyote - Nov 8th - 11th 2018 - 4 day 3 night all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)

Martin Bros - Dec 14th - 16th 2018 - Private Expedition

Method Race Wheels - Jan 18th - 20th 2019 - 3 day 2 night all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)

Tom's Birthday Bash - Jan 31st - 3rd 2019 - Private Expedition

Ricks Baja Adventure - Feb 7th - 10th 2019 - Private Expedition


Tensor Tire - Feb 28th - 3rd 2019 - 4 day 3 night all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)

Cabo Cruz - March 17th - 23rd 2019 - 7 day Full peninsula. Cali to Cabo  all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)

Ricks Baja Adventure - April 11th - 14th 2019 - Private Expedition


Conquistador - May 28th - 6th 2019 - 7 day Full peninsula. Cali to Cabo  all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)


Land's End to Main Land - Jun 24th - 30th 2019 - 7 day Full peninsula. Cabo Cali all inclusive Baja Expedition    (Click Here)


Baja Blues -  Aug 8th - 11th 2019 - 4 Day 3 Night all inclusive Baja Expedition (Click Here)

“Baja Uncharted Series” 


Introducing the newest expedition to next year's calendar, the “Baja Uncharted Series.” This will be only for the most extreme UTV drivers out there. It will be a 4 day expedition with extremely long super technical terrain. On some days we will be pushing close to 400 miles. The course will be prerun and GPS trail downloaded. We will be going very remote so mandatory Co driver, 10 gallons of spare gas, spare wheel and tire on the UTV as well has on trail parts and tools. There will be several sections you will be cutting brush and rock crawling. You must have your act together for this trip. Off the GRID Expeditions will provide full chase and trail support, satellite tracking, GPS file, hotels, breakfast, and dinner. This is still in planning stages but we will have more info up on the site soon! We are working on this route throughout the year, but rest assured when we launch this expedition it going to be one grueling test of man and machine.  

Night Prowler

Day 7, March 20th 2022

Todo Santos to 

Out last day but still plenty of miles to drive and sights to see.. Laving LaPaz and  driving south down toward La Vantana we'll take a slight detour and head over to Los Suenos for brunch Baja Style. Epic food and drinks. Non stop laughter as we tell stories over the last 6 days. Los Suenos is an amazing place to visit. 

The days not over. With still over a 100 miles to go we'll go down the east cape in more of a sight seeing venture. We will defiantly make time for a few stops to jump into the Ocean. The soft loony trails make for an awesome ride. The last ride for the day before heading into Cabo will take us back into the mountains over Cabo San Lucas and riding the epic windy mountains over to the Pacific side and into the Hard Rock Hotel... Welcome to Cabo 

Day 5, March 19th 2022

San Carlos to Todo Santos

Leaving San Carlos teary eyed but yet still filled with anticipation as to what lays ahead on day 5. the trails from San Carlos to Lapaz are by far the fastest and most fun in Baja. High speed is a yes on these trails. Tons of whoops but no big enough to through you out of rhythm allow you maximize your UTV's full potential as we take on over 200 miles of never ending trails.  Although not right on the beach sand the hard packed dirt is lightly covered with a soft layer of sand making for some amazing trails, drifting corners and endless Pacific ocean sights to see.. As we check up to get gas off the 3 chase trucks we'll also enjoy lunch safari style again. Depending on time and how the day is going we have a few different routes into Todo Santos. We'll stay on the pacific coast all the way into Todo Santos and down to Cerritos for the night. 

2022 Pre Booking Now    Open
May 14th - 20th 2022
7 day Full peninsula. Cali to Cabo  all inclusive Baja Expedition


UTV Baja Ride

Ever wanted to Conquer the Baja? This 7 day off road expedition from California to the tip of Cabo will let you claim your right of passage to Baja.  The 1400 to 1700 miles of the Baja desert, beaches and mountain passes will leave you in awe as we drive down the Baja Peninsula on a trip of a life time. 

Feb 18th - 21st 2022
4 day.  All inclusive Baja Expedition

Baja Expedition

Uncharted 5 day North Baja
Jan 20th - 24th 2022
5 day. All inclusive Baja Expedition

Baja Expedition

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New for 2022 Off the Grid Expeditions is proud to bring you a whole new adventure. "Baja Uncharted" This new series of action packed adventures will take you way beyond the normal. These are designed for the "adventures thrill seekers" Most days will consist of about 200 miles of driving and with limited stoping on trail. Out goal is to explore this amazing peninsula with Big Days with Big Miles!!! This is not for the rookies !!! 

Limited  Spots
Mission 1.png
Grid Dirt.png
Map Uncharted.png
4 Day North Baja
April 8th - 11th 2022
4 Day All inclusive Baja Expedition

UTV Baja Ride

With just a short Highway drive (approximately 5 miles), we will hit the dirt and be on the trail. The first day’s trail will lead us through the Sierra De Juarez mountain range. This is some of the most spectacular scenery in Baja. 

March 10th - 15th 2022
7 day.  All inclusive Loreto to Loreto Baja Sur Expedition.
Southern  Baja Loop
image001 copy.jpg

Baja Sur Loop

Exploring the best of Baja. Off the GRID Expeditions has designed this 6 day all inclusive Southern Baja Expedition. We'll Fly into Loreto and start our 6 days adventure around the Southern part of Baja. Adventure is the name of the game. We'll still be doing the fast paced white knuckle driving as well as adding the exploration into to this amazing adventure.

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Caravan-360_03 copy.png
April 9th - 14th 2022
6 day.  All inclusive. Bahía de los Ángeles to Cabo with Private Flight to Bahía de los Ángeles.

El Scorpion de Cortez.... This once in a life time pirate Expedition will start in San Diego and end in Cabo some 6 days latter...

We'll fly on a private plane to Bahía de los Ángeles. This 6 day all inclusive Baja adventure from Bahía de los Ángele's to Cabo will leave you in Awwwe. We'll we cover over 900 miles of Southern Baja's  best terrain. Read more..

Scorpion de Corteza

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January 20th to 23rd 2023
4 day 3 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to Mikes
- Mike to San Quintin
- San Quintin to Ensenada
- Ensenada to Tecate

      UTV Baja Ride

On this 4 day 3 night Baja Ride we will cover about 580 + miles of the Baja. We will start Tecate CA at our secure parking lot and drive across into Baja. Day 1 will take us through the Sierra Juarez Mountains  and cover 170 miles as we end at Mikes Sky Ranch. Day 2 will take us over the summit of Mikes and down to San Quintin at the Old MIll Hotel. Day 3 We head back up the Pacific north bound riding along side the beaches to Ensenada Horse Power Ranch. Day 4 will be back up to the boarder through the pine forests. We'll deliver you back to your tow vehicle in Tecate CA. 

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