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Expedition Info

OK Let's get you ready for your Expedition

Thank you for reregistering with Off the GRID Expeditions. This page will help you prepare for your upcoming expedition.. 

We know your excitement will be building over the next few months. So let start by making sure that you and you're UTV are 100% ready to take on the Baja.

Communication with group.

We use (Group me) Chat app so we can all stay in contact. This App is free FYI. We will send you the invite via text message. This allows us to answer any questions about your trip. The group chat is only for people on the trip you are signed up for. Please understand I'm on every trip we do so sometimes my response time is delayed... I will also add a few people to the app that can help me answer questions as well. FYI

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Step 1. Registration:

Step 2. UTV Prep


This is critical to any expedition we do. Once we cross over the US Mexican border service and parts are scarce to say the least. Although we are very well supplied with parts. Prep is the key to success in Baja. So what should you have prepped. It's a good idea to have a dealer or trained mechanic go over you entire UTV. All fluids, battery charged, CV's, Diff's and electrical checked and rechecked. Please keep this in mind.... Most customers drive their UTV's about 100 miles over a long weekend. We will be covering over 200 miles on day 1. 



All UTV's must have 1 spare tire on the vehicle at all times and it's a great idea to even bring 1 spare that will go on the chase truck. Belts - 2 or more belts on trail is key. CV's - 1 rear CV on trail is key. "Clutches" this is a tricky subject. If your has clutch issues bring a spare. Most all large, heavy parts can be stored o the chase trucks. Please label them with your name

Step 3. Hotels, meeting location


For anyone looking for a hotel close to the Tecate border for the night before. The Marriott in El Cajon is great. Clean and right next to a police department. Parking in across the street in the police lot. 

Courtyard by Marriott San Diego El Cajon

141 N Magnolia Ave
El Cajon, CA  92020
United States

Hotel Link


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Parking Info:

6:00am to 7:00am arrival time in the parking lot. (Address below) Parking in this secure lot is about $10 a day. We will be leaving at 8:00am to cross the boarder together in the UTV’s......... Make sure you have everything for your UTV before going to border.  We will not wait for you to gather UTV keys, parts, gas.  Park your truck and trailer and bring your UTV to the chase truck area to stage.  Bring all your parts, beverages and supplies with you to staging area.  Plan for an on time 8 AM departure.  Make sure your UTV starts, check the radio and intercom function with helmets.  This is not the time for maintenance, Although if there are any issues please make them known so we can deal with them here rather then in the border line.

Parking Lot address

24699 Humphries Rd, Tecate, CA 91980

Look for yellow gate on the left once you turn off Humphries

Map Link Here

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Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.21.34 PM.png

Step 4. What to have ready

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Ready to go


Driver Checklist Detailed:


  • Cash Please keep in mind most places do not take credit cards so you will need to bring cash. The cash you bring will be for gas, food/snacks, drinks, possible parts (if needed). We recommend you bring $2,000.00 in cash. Small bills as well as large.


  •  Current registration/license plates if you have them. This means the original documents. No copies.


  •  Mexico full-coverage insurance for your UTV. This is mandatory for driving on the streets of Baja. 


  • PassPorts - Everyone must have a passport in Mexico.


-  Off-Road-Ready UTV, all services, proper prep, all in working order

• 1 full-size spare tire. If you have 2 even better. We can carry 1 in the chase truck.

• Spare parts for you UTV. (Axles, belts, etc) We recommend. 3 bets for RZR’s 


  •  Race Radio 50-Watt with wired intercom and helmets. Program to weatherman station.


  •  Off-Road Hight powered lights.


  •  GPS unit, Lowrance (We will load the map the morning of the event)


  •  Extra fuel - Only if specified for your event. 


  •  Bottled water


  •  Basic tools and recovery gear (Strap, shackles, jack, etc)


  •  Fire Extinguisher


  •  Helmets are required.


  •  Layered clothing, for possibly variety of weather conditions


  •  Soft Cooler recommended


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Level-headed driving, within your capabilities


  • No Guns or Ammo of any kind…. Small knives are ok.

Mexico insurance Information

We have teamed up with “Baja Bound Mexican Insurance” who has been assisting our local efforts in Baja. 

Coverage Details:

Similar to participating in off-road events in the United States, depending on the section of road/trail and the event that is taking place, the type of coverage your vehicle is eligible for depends on many factors.  With this policy, you are insured for liability coverage 100% of the time while in Mexico (required by Mexican law).  While on any major roads, paved roads, or parked in any of the towns overnight, your vehicle is covered with full comprehensive insurance (fire, theft, collision, etc).  For the stretches of dirt trail which are not considered major roads in a town or city, our liability insurance applies.  This will mean that full coverage will NOT be provided for many of the off-road sections we will be driving.  These same rules and laws apply in the United States, however are open to interpretation and subjected for review on a case-by-case basis by the carrier.

In regards to Insurance specifics, “Baja Bound Mexican Insurance” will be able to answer any questions you have about the policy itself, which is priced based on the stated value of your vehicle:


·         Entering Mexico. Let them know the day you are entering

·         Leaving Mexico. Let them know we will be leaving. 


Insurance booking here:

To book your insurance, call: 1-888-552-2252 

Please call during the day Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

Remember, proof of value may be asked if a policy is needed to be paid out, so it’s in your own best interest to price your vehicle value as close to its actual value. 



What parts should I bring? 

Bring spares for your UTV. Depending on the manufacture of the UTV it is important to carry a few spares for you UTV. Suggested  ( Spare tires, belts, CV’s, tie rods and fluids) If you are bringing a parts tote please make it as small as possible. Space is very limited on the chase truck.


What clothing and travel bag should I bring?

Bring layers and be prepared for various types of weather. Luggage can be carried in our Chase Truck, however we recommend having a smaller bag to keep with you in your vehicle, to include layering items. This time of year, it can get cold in the desert… better be safe than sorry! Also please pack your luggage in a soft duffle style bag. “NO hard suitcases” 


Do we park on the US side of the boarder?

Yes we party on the US side. The parking lot is secure and we have never had an issue.


Can I bring prescription medication with me?

Yes as long as your name is on the bottle and it is current.  


What food and drinks should I bring?

Trail type snacks and water/beverages are necessary to pack in your vehicle.

Note: Breakfast and dinner is included. Please bring a cooler and trail snacks for your group.


How long are we on the trail each day?

Each day is about 100 to 200+ miles of trails. The time on trail can vary greatly, based on the pace of our group, amount of leisure stops, any flat tires or vehicle issues, etc.


Do I need to carry Gas on my UTV?

On some of our expeditions we will need to carry 5 to 10 gallons extra on the UTV. We will specify if you need to carry gas on your expedition and what the safest way is to carry it.


Tel: 949-838-5350

Have questions or need help please contact us.

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