Feb 20th -23rd 2020

4 Day 3 Nights

Baja Expedition

Ricks & Jow Welcome to Baja 2020

Driver and Passenger

2400.00 Including Permit

Got questions



Call 949-838-5350

This is the 3rd annual Rick and Joe's Welcome to Baja 2020 Pirate Trip.


The Adventure

This 4 day, 3 night adventure will start at the Tecate border crossing where we will all meet up in the secure parking lot on the US side behind the board crossing. This is a secure lot and you are able to leave your tow vehicle there for the weekend.  Once we complete registration and have a quick drivers meeting we will cross the international boarded crossing together. Please note you must have current original registration and insurance for you UTV to get into Baja. 


Day 1 - Boarder to San Felipe

Day 2 - San Felipe to San Quintin

Day 3 - San Quintin to HPR

Day 4 - HPR to Boarder

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