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Welcome to Off the GRID Expeditions 

Thank you for registering. 

I know you’re anxiously preparing for this Baja Adventure! Preparation is the key to everyone having a good time.

Here is where we will update you with the trip details.  Please read all the details and let us know if you have any questions!

Get ready to have a fantastic time.

Connor Gilmer


We will communicate updates and changes through the WhatsApp app. We'll set up the group by the name of the trip. Once we receive your registration back, we'll add you to the text stream. Please visit your App store on your smart phone and download it or click here 


El Coyote May 10th to 13th 2024

TRIP - Driver and Co-Driver Trip Prep

Driver / Co-Driver Registration "Everyone must complete the registration form. 

Registration Link ( Click Here 

Food, Drinks, Snacks, Beer:

  • Lunch - Remember lunches are no promised on the Uncharted trips!!!

  • Food - Please have all snacks secured on your UTV. Breakfast / Dinner included. There's usually a stop for lunch, but it really depends on time and travel issues that could occur. Recommended is to bring a few sandwiches just in case.

  • Water/Gatorade/Sodas/Beer. Bring what you like to drink—usually a stop in the morning for Drinks and Ice for the day.

  • Chase truck can carry additional snacks, water, and drinks if needed.  You can stock your coolers at the hotel each night.  We usually stop for Ice/fuel each morning.  Ice is available at some of the hotels, too.  

  • If you need something additional, the Chase truck drivers can pick up drinks/items along the way. Give them some money, and they'll get whatever you would like.

Dress, Medications, ID, and Money

  • Dress for the unexpected. Most days are warm enough to wear shorts and a tee shirt. Be prepared for what the day may throw at us. Rain gear and a warm Jacket are a must for certain times of the year. There have been times when we encountered snow. It's Baja, and you never know what to expect. Keep a day pack on your UTV with at least one change of clothes, Toiletries, and anything you need when you get to the hotel. Chase trucks usually arrive before us; just in case they are delayed, have stuff with you.

  • Medications - Carry them securely on your UTV. Make sure you have enough for the whole trip.

  • Drivers License / Passport for Driver and Co-Driver carried on your person.

  • Cash - We recommend $1500.00. Fuel, Lunch, Tips, and Gratuities are not included in the trip price. Mexico accepts Dollars or Peso. Change is given in Pesos most of the time. Keep it securely on your person, NOT in a bag on your UTV.

  • Credit Cards - Most gas stations don't accept Credit Cards. Be Prepared with Cash to make stops speedy.

UTV - Vehicle Preparations

Our goal at Off the GRID Expeditions is to have a good time. With that said, being prepared and having the right tools/equipment can make everyone’s day much more enjoyable!

Rentals do not apply to this FYI 


  • UTV prep is a must prior to any run. If one vehicle has a problem, we all have a problem.

  • All services done on vehicle. (oil change, air cleaner, brakes, nuts and bolts. No maintenance services will be performed on trail)

  • All tires aired to proper pressure. 15 to 18 psi recommended (one) (1) Spare in required on UTV)

  • All equipment and parts securely tied down in UTV. (one (1) rear axle is required on the UTV securely)

  • Full Fuel Tank. (Spare gas can be carried but must be safe and secure)

  • Tools, Jack and Tow strap secured.

  • Helmet with wired speakers for Intercom system.

  • Radio - Mounted VHF radio, with weatherman programmed frequency 151.625

  • Intercom - We highly recommend a wired intercom so you can clearly hear the radio and can easily transmit on the radio while driving.

  • GPS - Lowrance GPS Unit only- No exceptions (We provide the GPS file before each expedition)

  • Off Road lights - Some good light so you are comfortable driving at night. LED lights are recommended.

  • Non-Factory jack (factory jack is not sufficient on soft uneven ground)

  • Tools / Tow strap (Bring only the basics we’ll have the rest)

  • Registration / Mexican Insurance

Baja Insurance

Insurance is required 100% for these trips. Your USA insurance doesn't cover your UTV in Mexico. Please have your policy secured and paid for prior to entry in Mexico.

Mexican Auto Insurance - Baja Bound Insurance. 888-552-2252 

(Rentals come with Mexican Insurance)

For more Mexico Insurance coverage details (click here)


HOTEL - Marriott Courtyard - El Cajon

This is a great hotel to stay at the night before. We (Off the GRID Expeditions) Staff stay there most of the time before every event. Marriott in El Cajon CA. Please make sure to book your room...

This hotel has a large parking lot adjacent to the hotel. If booking another hotel, please call ahead or think about parking for your truck/trailer. This hotel is about 1 hour from the border meeting location.

We depart the hotel at 6:00 am, do a quick Starbucks stop, and meet at the Tecate border.

Transportation is available for those in rentals.

Courtyard by Marriott San Diego El Cajon

141 N Magnolia Ave

El Cajon, CA 92020

If you have questions in any way, please call Connor at 949-838-5350-838-5350

The Hotel Web Link is now live. Please book through this link!!

May 9th 2024

Book your group rate for Off The Grid - May 2024 Pt1

TRIP - Parking for tow vehicle - Tecate CA (detail)

Parking Lot Address

24699 Humphries Road, Tecate CA 91980

The parking costs $10.00 a day.  Please pay at the gate shack.

Rentals will be transported to the parking lot for you.

Once you make the left go through the yellow gate and find a parking spot

Arrive no later than 7:00am.  Arrive early enough to have your UTV unloaded, secure your gear on your UTV and transfer bags to chase truck.  There is a quick drivers recap meeting at 7:30 - 8:00am and immediate departure for the border.

Have your registration out and ready for inspection at the border.  Know where your VIN is located on your UTV

Google Map Link

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