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If you have ever been on one of our annual expeditions you'll know we are not your ordinary tour guide company. Off the GRID Expeditions is about "Exploring beyond the limits" Taking the weekend warrior and letting them push themselves. Our pre planned annual trips are always pre-run and GPS marked. Our chase support, trail support and local logistics are one of a kind. The trails we that we drive are intended to be for any driving level. Normally we plan out 120 to 200 mile days and allow for several sight seeing stops along the way. Although to some this might seem challenging already we do attract quite a few more hard core adrenaline driving customers. This "Baja Uncharted" series has been in the works for over a year now.  On any of our never ending pre runs the questions has come up quite frequently " How far down the Baja Peninsula and how many miles can we do with a small group of UTV's do in 5 days" Our mission is to make all the miles routed out and really push the limits of both driver and machine. . While the pre planned course will be displayed on the GPS and each driver and co-driver are relying on each other. This will be an entire team effort. GPS marked "regroup" waypoints will be displayed on the drivers GPS approximately every 90 miles. The miles we have planned on the long distance mile days will range from 280 to 400 in a day. Some of the shorter days will be around 200 but will include some very Uncharted trails.


Fully outfitted UTV -

Helmets that are wired into you intercom

GPS - Lowrance or leadnav

Radio with Intercom system

Spare wheel and tires.


In order to Explore Beyond the Limits we have to put a lot of faith in our Equipment. All of our equipment that is used on our UTV Expeditions is rigorously tested in real life operations. We simply can't afford to have our equipment fail on the trail. Hundreds of man hours go into each UTV Expedition with precise planning of local logistics, trial planning and parts

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