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Welcome to Off the GRID

If you're the adventurous type and are ready to venture off the GRID from what you're normally accustomed to then Off the GRID Expeditions is perfect for you. Off the GRID Expeditions offers professionally guided off road expeditions for UTV's Side by Sides vehicles. Expeditions range from single day runs to more exhilarating 2 to 7 day runs covering hundreds of miles. Our expeditions are  designed for adrenaline pumping action packed  off road driving. Most expeditions

range from 400 to 1500 miles depending on what

expedition you choose. If you are ready to venture

 past your comfort zone and start exploring beyond

the limits then Off the GRID Expeditions is for you.  

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                                                Off the GRID Expeditions, best know for their extreme multi day - multi mile                                                    UTV tours, has grown into one of the most critically acclaimed tour                                                                    operators in Baja. Perhaps best known for their off the beaten path- aka (off                                                  the grid)- fast passed adventures and luxurious destinations, you simply just                                                  can’t find this in a tour book. This company is as real as it gets.


                          First class tier one tour operators guide you every mile while certified mechanics and paramedics bring up the tail end of the pack. Fully outfitted Ford Chase trucks are in constant communication with MSAT satellite radios and are completely stocked with parts, tools, trailers and ice cold beverages. The crew call themselves the Baja Pirates, but don’t be fooled -these are true professionals and their passion for operating the premier off road tour business in Baja really shows.


The average tour is 3 to 4 days and over 600 miles. Some 7 day tours go beyond the 1600 mile range. The off road vehicle of choice is the BRP Can Am X3 XRS, propelling you through vast Baja terrain with its 192 hp 3 cylinder Rotax motor. The 24” of wheel travel, controlled by FOX shock absorbers,                 allows you tackle any obstacles that might come your way. Each Can Am is outfitted with PCI                        Race Radio VHF communications and GPS units, which show the exact trail on the                                               screen. The terrain changes day to day or even hour to hour as you wind your way                                       back   and forth down the Baja peninsula. Even with the adrenaline pumping, off                                          road driving, we still plan time to stop and enjoy the remote hidden treasures of                                            what only years of exploring Baja shows. Crossing the peninsula from the Pacific                                                                                     Ocean to the Sea of Cortez almost a dozen times, we really                                                                                    get to experience this truly majestic land and the people.                                                                                           It’s no surprise this company is loved by the locals.


                                                                                                      With occasional stops that allow us to swim in                                                                                                             the ocean with the dolphins, the adventure                                                                                                                   never stops.  Most memorable for us is the                                                                                           authentic Baja luxury accommodations and meals. No, you                                                                        are not in a five star resort every night, but every hotel we stay at                                                                      has it own luxurious piece of Baja history attached to it. Having                                                                            travelled the world and enjoyed the cuisine from almost every                                                                                    continent, the food while in Baja is delicious, to say the least.                                                                                 Never a bad meal but be sure to only drink the bottled water.


                                                                                           If you are the off road adventurous type and are                                                                                                            looking for a trip that will leave you with stories for                                                                                                       10 life times then this is it. The adventure white                                                                                                            knuckle driving, the camaraderie, the destinations                                                                                                       and the crew aka Baja Pirates that will truly let                                                                                                           you “explore beyond your limits” is what makes                                                                                                             this the ultimate Off Road adventure package.



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Welcome to the Baja Pirates.

The elite of the Off the GRID Expeditions nomads. This is

the group inside the group who make almost every expedition

and add their own personality to the adventure. This group has

grown to have their own annual Pirate Trip. Question is are you

a Baja Pirate ???

Baja Pirate.png
Vert Map.jpg


"We did over 1600 miles from Tecate to Cabo and saw parts of Baja I could only dream about."

"I would highly recommend Off the GRID to any UTV owner. What an impressive company."

"This is more than just adventure. Amazing Company and now life long friends."

"From start to finish action packed adventure" A true Pirate Show!!!

"We did hundreds of miles and saw more then I've seen in 10 years of going to Baja."

"The level of Chase support and on trail knowledge is worth every dollar."

"These guys are real

professionals. Well organized and very safe."

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing I'm hooked"







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