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Off the GRID Expeditions, best know for their extreme multi day - multi mile UTV tours, has grown into one of the most critically acclaimed tour operators in Baja. Perhaps best known for their off the beaten path- aka (off the grid)- fast passed adventures and luxurious destinations, you simply just can’t find this in a tour book. This company is as real as it gets.


First class tier one tour operators guide you every mile while certified mechanics and paramedics bring up the tail end of the pack. Fully outfitted Ford Chase trucks are in constant communication with MSAT satellite radios and are completely stocked with parts, tools, trailers and ice cold beverages. The crew call themselves the Baja Pirates, but don’t be fooled -these are true professionals and their passion for operating the premier off road tour business in Baja really shows.


The average tour is 3 to 4 days and over 600 miles. Some 7 to 9 day tours go beyond the 1600 mile range. While most clients bring there own UTV's Off the GRID Expeditions offers rental units to share this amazing experience.  The rental Can Am X3 XRS, propelling you through vast Baja terrain with its 192 hp 3 cylinder Rotax motor. The 24” of wheel travel, controlled by FOX shock absorbers, allows you tackle any obstacles that might come your way. Each rental Can Am is outfitted with PCI  Race Radio VHF communications and GPS units, which show the exact trail on the screen. If you choose to bring your own UTV a few requirements are required to make your UTV Baja Ready. (see required items) The terrain changes day to day or even hour to hour as you wind your way back and forth down the Baja peninsula. Even with the adrenaline pumping, off road driving, we still plan time to stop and enjoy the remote hidden treasures of  what only years of exploring Baja shows. Crossing the peninsula from the Pacific  Ocean to the Sea of Cortez almost a dozen times, we really  get to experience this truly majestic land and the people.


 With occasional stops that allow us to swim in  the ocean with the dolphins, the adventure never stops.  Most memorable for us is the authentic Baja luxury accommodations and meals. No, you  are not in a five star resort every night, but every hotel we stay at  has it own luxurious piece of Baja history attached to it. 


 If you are the off road adventurous type and are looking for a trip that will leave you with stories for 10 life times then this is it. The adventure white knuckle driving, the camaraderie, the destinations and the crew aka Baja Pirates that will truly let you “explore beyond your limits” is what makes  this the ultimate Off Road adventure package

Please read through and choose the Expedition that best fits you. Please note the prices listed here are for Customer owned UTV's and are for 2 passengers per UTV.  They include all Hotels, Dinners, Breakfasts, Trail guilds, Mechanics, Chase support and full GPS navigation of tails. On every Expedition, a leading guide UTV call out any potential dangers that may appear. A sweep UTV takes up the rear and carries a multitude of parts and mechanics. These Expeditions are designed to allow you to explore beyond the limits and let Off the GRID Expeditions handle all the logistics. We keep our Expeditions small with about 10 newcomers per trip.

Rentals are available at an additional cost. See Rental page for more information. 

Private Tour are available for 10 or more UTV's per trip (see private tours)

2024   Pre booking  Schedule 

2024 Pre Booking is now open... Please note even though the exact dates are not published. They will be around the same time of month as listed for 2023. Some expeditions might change hotels and trails depending on conditions but as always we'll be an amazing time in Baja..

      UTV Baja Ride

January Pre Booking
4 day 3 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to Mikes
- Mike to San Quintin
- San Quintin to Ensenada
- Ensenada to Tecate

On this 4 day 3 night Baja Ride we will cover about 580 + miles of the Baja. We will start Tecate CA at our secure parking lot and drive across into Baja. Day 1 will take us through the Sierra Juarez Mountains  and cover 170 miles as we end at Mikes Sky Ranch. Day 2 will take us over the summit of Mikes and down to San Quintin at the Old MIll Hotel. Day 3 We head back up the Pacific north bound riding along side the beaches to Ensenada Horse Power Ranch. Day 4 will be back up to the boarder through the pine forests. We'll deliver you back to your tow vehicle in Tecate CA. 

February Pre Booking
4 day 3 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to Ensenada HPR
- Ensenada HPR to Rancho Meling
- Rancho Meling to Ensenada Estero Beach
- Ensenada to Tecate

New for 2023 we are introducing a new ride format. On most our traditional 4 Day Baja trip we leave at 7am and cross the Mexican Boarder. On this Baja adventure well be leaving at 3pm and crossing over the boarder. So yes well be running at night! Day 1 Tecate to Ensenada at Horse Power Ranch for night 1. Day 2 Ensenada to Rancho Meling. Day 3 Rancho Meling to Ensenada crossing over to the  Pacific route to Estero Beach Hotel. Day 4 back North to Tecate to cross the boarder. 

 El Coyote

UTV Night Ride

2023 Expedition  Schedule 

Listed below are our remainder expeditions for 2023. As you can see most are full booked up. You can pre book for the 2024 season above or email us and we'll do the pre booking then. For business or private expeditions please email us for information. We look forward to exploring Baja with you soon..

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Baja Pirates Private Event

March 17th to 20th 2023
4 day 3 night All inclusive Baja Expedition
Baja Pirate.png

Baja Sur Fly in Expedition                       Loreto to Cabo

April 2nd to 8th 2023
7 Day 6 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Fly to Loreto
- Loreto to Mulege
- Mulege to Scorpion Bay
- Scorpion Bay to San Carlos
- San Carlos to LaPaz
- LaPaz to East Cape
-Ease Cape to Cabo

Exploring the Southern trails of Baja. Off the GRID Expeditions has designed this epic 7 day all inclusive Southern Baja Expedition. We'll Fly into Loreto from the boarder and start our 6 days of adventure around the Southern part of Baja. Day 1 Fly day to Loreto and UTV prep day. Day 2 Loreto to Mulege, Day 3 Mulege to Scorpion Bay, Day 4 Scorpion Bay to San Carlos, Day 5 San Carlos to Lapaz, Day 6 La Paz to East Cape. Day 7 East Cape to Cabo. UTV’s will be loaded and take 2 days to be transported back to Tecate.



UTV Baja Ride

Ever wanted to Conquer the Baja? This 8 day off road expedition from California to the tip of Cabo will let you claim your right of passage to Baja.  The 1400 to 1700 miles of the Baja desert, beaches and mountain passes will leave you in awe as we drive down the Baja Peninsula on a trip of a life time. Specular historical places to see ranging from missions to remote blue water beaches. This trip is a true adventure.  

May 28th to June 4th 2023
8 Day 7 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to San Quintin
- San Quintin to Cativina
-Cativina to Bay of LA
-Bay of LA to San Ignacio
-San Ignacio to Scorpion Bay
-Scorpion Bay to San Carlos
- San Carlos to LaPaz
- LaPaz to Cabo
9 Day Baja Peninsula 
June 18th - 26th 2023
9 day Full peninsula. California to Cabo 
El Bandido

This new Baja Nomads Conquistador Expedition has been talked about for years. So we are putting it into play for 2023. 9 Days down the Baja Peninsula coving over 1700 miles while staying at Baja most prestige private resorts all the way down the peninsula. Yes this is the Baja Nomad Executive Expedition. We plan to spoil you all the way down the peninsula. First class trails, hotels and more exploration time to see the treasures of Baja.

El Bandito

Cali to Cabo full Peninsula Baja Ride

IMG_4981 2.jpg
Baja Pirate.png

 Baja Pirates Uncharted
      UTV Baja Ride

5 Day North Baja loop

On this 5 day 4 night Baja Ride we will cover about 700 miles of the Baja. We will start through the Sierra Juarez Mountains  and cover 170 miles on our first day over roads rocks and race course. Night one will be at the Horse Power Ranch. Day two will start early..............

July 20th to 24th 2023
5 day 4 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to San Felipe
- San Felipe to Cativina
-Cativina to Ensenada
- Ensenada to Tecate
October 10th to 16th 2023
Private Fly in trip
7 day 6 night all inclusive 
- Bay of LA to Santa Rosalia
-Santa Rosalia to Scorpion Bay
- Scorpion Bay to Loreto
-Loreto to San Carlos
- San Carlos to LaPaz
-LaPaz to Cabo

 Pirate Fly in Trip

Starting in Bay of LA ending in Cabo

This 7 day all inclusive Baja adventure from Bahía de los Ángele's to Cabo. Flying 2 private planes from San Diego CBX to Bahía de los Ángeles on day 1.  Bahía de los Ángeles is a bay on the coast of the Sea of Cortez known for its sport fishing and beautiful natural surroundings. It's the perfect place to start any expedition. Right from the start we'll be on perfect trails amazing views and yes adventure is the name of the game. 

Map Uncharted.png

Heading East through the Sierra Juarez Mountains our first trail will be roughly about 55 miles on entry level trials that will allow you to adapt to the Baja terrain. What starts out as mountain trail soon cascades into pine trees and fast, windy trails that you will have your UTV flying through. We will come to our first stop of the day in a small Baja town of La Rumorosa. We will refuel in La Rumorosa and then descend down to Laguna Salada. This fast paced trail will lead us southward down the Baja Peninsula for about 80 miles before we head west back over to Ensenada to Horse Power Ranch.


The Lost Pirate of Baja

November 10th to 13th 2023
4 Day 3 Night All inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
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