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Cam Am X3 RS are available to rent only for the expeditions we put on. We DO NOT rent them out for personal use, pre-running or racing.


Can Am X3 rentals $850.00 per day. (Most our trips are 4 to 9 day trips) Do the math $850.00 x Number of days

Security Deposit: On all rental units we take a security deposit. It is fully refundable to you as long as no damages are done to the unit. 

Trip Cost: Depending on what expedition you choose the cost is different. Our expeditions run about $2500.00 to $8800.00 for you and a passenger. (please see trip details on the trip page) 

So what exactly are you renting?

Can-Am X3 XRS RR 2 seat 200hp 72" wide with FOX Shocks....

Got more Questions please contact us.. Here 

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