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Our goal at Off the GRID Expeditions is to have a good time. With that said, being prepared and having the right tools/equipment can make everyone’s day much more enjoyable!


 Stock UTV’s are very capable and impressive machines… they are also a lot of fun to customize! Although heavy  modification isn’t necessary, there are basic items that you must have when going on a OFF the GRID run.


 Here’s a list of required items for our Expeditions:

 (Note: some expeditions might require more items, based on specific trail or location needs. See Run descriptions for more  details.)

  • UTV prep is a must prior to any run. If one vehicle has a problem, we all have a problem.

  • All services done on vehicle. (oil change, air cleaner, brakes, nut and bolt )

  • All tires aired to proper pressure. ( 1 Spare in required on vehicle)

  • All equipment and parts securely tied down in UTV.

  • Full Fuel Tank. (Spare gas can be carried but must be safe and secure on UTV )

  • Tools, Jack and tow strap securely fastened in UTV. 

  • Helmet with wired speakers for Intercom system.

  • Radio - Mounted VHF radio,  with weatherman programmed frequency 151.625

  • Intercom - We highly recommend a wired intercom so you can clearly hear the radio and can easily transmit on the radio while driving.

  • GPS - Lowrance GPS Unit only- No exceptions (We provide the GPS file before each expedition) 

  • DL / Reg / Ins / PassPort for International Expeditions.

  • Off Road lights - Some good light so you are comfortable driving at night. LED lights are recommended.

  • At least one full size spare. (Must be tied down and secure)

  • Non-Factory jack (factory jack is not sufficient on soft uneven ground)

  • Tools / Tow strap (Bring only the basics we’ll have the rest)

  • Food / LOTS of Water



GPS Navagation

The OFF the GRID Expeditions Team uses the Lowrance GPS units with memory card slot. All Maps are provided for Lowrance Only.  The GPS is a very useful tool and is 100% necessary.  Please know how to operate your unit correctly, as with proper use of this unit, getting lost and staying on trail is almost impossible.  



All Radios must be wired to intercom system and to the drives and co drives helmets. Radio communication need to be clear and easlily understandable. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 5.02.45 PM.png

VHF Radio

The single most important tool you can own when off-roading in a good radio. The OFF the GRID Expeditions Team uses VHF frequency based radios as these radios have about a 5+ mile range.  On most expeditions, the vehicles can be spread out over 10 miles, making the use of radios to communicate with one another a must! The frequency used by OFF the GRID Expeditions Team is 151.625 aka "Weather Man".


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