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Our goal at Off the GRID Expeditions is to have a good time. With that said, being prepared and having the right tools/equipment can make everyone’s day much more enjoyable!


 Stock UTV’s are very capable and impressive machines… they are also a lot of fun to customize! Although heavy  modification isn’t necessary, there are basic items that you must have when going on a OFF the GRID run.


 Here’s a list of required items for our Expeditions:

 (Note: some expeditions might require more items, based on specific trail or location needs. See Run descriptions for more  details.)


  • UTV prep is a must prior to any run. If one vehicle has a problem, we all have a problem.

  • All services done on vehicle. (oil change, air cleaner, brakes, nut and bolt )

  • All tires aired to proper pressure. ( 1 Spare in required on vehicle)

  • All equipment and parts securely tied down in UTV.

  • Full Fuel Tank. (Spare gas can be carried but must be safe and secure on UTV )

  • Tools, Jack and tow strap securely fastened in UTV. 

  • Helmet with wired speakers for Intercom system. Yes helmets are 100% mandatory. 

  • Radio - Mounted VHF radio,  with weatherman programmed frequency 151.625 (see below)

  • Intercom - We highly recommend a wired intercom so you can clearly hear the radio and can easily transmit on the radio while driving. (see below)

  • GPS - Lowrance GPS Unit only- No exceptions (We provide the GPS file the morning of the expedition) (see below)

  • Drivers licence - Vehicle Registration - Insurance

  • Off Road lights - Some good light so you are comfortable driving at night. LED lights are recommended.

  • At least one full size spare. (Must be tied down and secure)

  • Jack (if it's a good one) 

  • Tools / Tow strap (Bring only the basics we’ll have the rest)

  • Food / LOTS of Water - Dinner and breakfasts are included and we will be stopping for lunches however snacks for the trail are suggested. (beef jerky, candy, chips, etc)

  • Mexican Auto Insurance for you're UTV   No you're USA insurance wont work in Baja 

GPS Units

So why do we need a GPS? 

The GPS is your life line when navigating these technical trails of Baja. Every turn has a surprise and without a well planned trail you would be lost in minutes. The GPS not only displays your exact route but it is also use for milage calculations for turns or and potential hazards as well as waypoints.

Radio / Intercom

Communication is key..

We use a VHF 55w radio with a preprogrammed channel to communicate from Utv to Utv. The operating channel  is weather man (151.625) please make sure you have this preprogrammed into you're unit. All communication systems must wired into push to talk intercom system to your helmet. The VHF radios allow us to call out any potential hazards, milage, and just general communication amongst the group. Example ( Hazard mile 45.2 on right or "hey dude with the blue Can-Am you have a strap hanging under your Utv" )


Why because they save lives ......

Helmets are mandatory no questions asked. I know some ride with only head sets but with Off the GRID Expeditions you need to wear one. Goggles or full face shield as well !!!! You only have one head on your shoulders so use it wisely and protect it....

Let's Gear Up


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