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El Coyote

Pre Booking February 2024
4 day 3 night all inclusive UTV Baja Expedition
- Tecate to Ensenada HPR
- Ensenada HPR to Rancho Meling
- Rancho Meling to Ensenada Estero Beach
- Ensenada to Tecate

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Driver and Passenger

Deposit $500.00

$2500.00 Trip price

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We are introducing a new ride format. On most of our traditional 4 Day Baja trips we leave at 7am and cross the Mexican Border. On this Baja adventure we'll be leaving at 4pm and crossing over the border. Remember, it's still day light savings in Cali so yes, we'll be running at night on the first day all other days we'll be staring in the AM...


Over 500 miles of Baja’s finest trails and a wide range of scenic terrain, it  will leave you breathless - The El Coyote,  sharing one of the last true off road frontiers. 


The Adventure

This 4 day, 3 night adventure will start at the Tecate border crossing, where we will meet up in the secure parking lot on the US side behind the border crossing. This is a secure lot where you may leave your tow vehicle for the weekend.  Once we complete registration and have a quick drivers' meeting we will cross the international border together. PLEASE NOTE: you must have current original registration and insurance for your UTV to get into Baja. (see links below)

Day 1

With just a short Highway drive at dusk (approximately 5 miles), we will hit the dirt and be on the trail. The first trail leads us through the Sierra De Juarez mountain range. This is some of the most spectacular scenery in Baja in the day time but remember nightfall will be creeping up on us fast. From Pine forests to desert oasis, this route will not disappoint - fast drifting corners with an occasional "G"Out will keep you on your toes. With time permitting we'll take a detour and check out the Laguna Hanson deep in the pine forests. Our destination for Day/night 1 will be the beautiful Horse Power Ranch, in Ensenada. When we arrive we'll grab a quick bite to eat before catching up on some sleep.


Day 2

The next morning will start bright and early with a group breakfast at HPR, then back on the trail for Day 2. From HPR we will head towards the Sierra Juarez mountain range for some sideways drifting, fast paced trails. We will be climbing in elevation as we weave through the mountains once again. After several rights, lefts and cattle guards the trails will open up to being smooth and fast paced, often used by Baja race organizations. This will give you a great idea of what some of the race terrain is like. The route will run about 75 miles to Valle La Trinidad and just before you drop out on to the Hwy the famous Goat Trail will need to be navigated. What at first looks very overwhelming with giant rocks, ruts off camber drops, this is where you'll put your trust into your UTV and let it do all the work. 

As we go through Valle LA Trinidad we top off the tanks with fuel and grab a quick snack at the local OXXO before heading up to Mike's Sky Ranch but only for a check up point as we'll keep pressing on over the summit to Rancho Meling for night 2. The terrain will be slower and more technical but very doable. 


Day 3

The next morning waking up to the roosters making a shit ton of noise, we'll grab a bite to eat fresh from the ranch and be on our way. The chosen trail for the day will be heading down to the Pacific, taking some not so used trails. From Meling Rancho to Camalu the trails can be quite challenging but also very fun. At times you'll have to take it nice and slow as we navigate over rocks, washes and extremely tight turns. Eventually we'll reach HYW 1  for fuel and lunch. From Camalu the route points North and today we ride the Pacific Ocean most of the way up to Ensenada. This 80 mile section is amazing and has everything Baja has to offer. Hard packed trails, beaches and occasional silt baths are common on this route. We'll end the day at the Estero Beach hotel in Ensenada for the Night.

Day 4

Leaving Estero Beach Hotel and driving through the city of Ensenada back up to the mountains, we will be making our way North, back up to Tecate and enjoying some wide open, fast pine forest trails. Talk about fun! This route is approximately 90 miles offroad and will take us once again from Ojos Negros to Tecate. We stop for our  famous group picture then head to the border crossing in Tecate. We'll say our final good byes to Baja and cross back over the border into the USA. Mission Accomplished. Safe, sound and with lots of great memories of our trip! 


This four day Baja UTV Adventure will leave you counting the days till your next Baja experience!!! 

                                                    So what's included on this 4 day adventure? 


With extensive planning, these tours are designed for you to just show up and enjoy yourself. Leave all the stressful logistics and planning to us! 



Whether you’re a Baja race veteran or this is your first time to Baja these professionally guided tours are designed so that we do all the work. You just show up, drive and take the true experience of Baja in. We will remove the "what if" factor from your adventure.


·       Guided trails right from the border every step of the way. 

·       The entire 3 day course has been pre run and mapped so that you will be able to view the trail on your            mandatory Lowrance GPS unit. 

·       Hotel accommodations  for all nights.

·       Breakfast and dinner, all nights. 

·       Unsurpassed trail support. With our mechanics on the trail your mechanical problem is a thing of the              past.

·      A lead UTV will guide you every step of the way. The lead UTV will radio back any potential hazards that           you will be encountering along the way.

·      A sweep support UTV, that hold parts and tools for almost any trail breakdowns, will ensure that                       everyone gets to their destination. 

       Medical support personal on trail with us evey step of the trip

·       On the trail certified Can Am And RZR Mechanics that will handle any issues that might pop up. These              mechanics, or “Baja Ninjas” as we call them, are truly amazing to have along. 

·       Parts for most manufacturers are carried on trail, as well in 2 fully outfitted Chase trucks and trailers.             (We still require you to carry your own specialized parts for you own UTV.)

·       The Chase trucks hold a multitude of tools, welders, parts, wheels and tires as well as emergency fuel              and medical equipment baring any insentient along the way.  

·       Media coverage, to capture photos and video footage of our adventure.



What are you responsible for?


You are responsible for just a few things on this amazing journey.


·       First and foremost, you are responsible for your actions. A clear and level headed driver and passenger.          You will be able to drive at your pace, and to your driving ability. Whether it be a cruising speed or at a           faster pace, as long as you are comfortable and in control, you’re doing good. 

·      Good attitude, this is a must!!! I can assure you along the way we will encounter  some type of                           mechanical issue and we will all have to stop. Our mechanics will be on any issue as fast as possible.               With a good attitude, we will all have a good time.



·     Minimum of 1 spare tire. A second can be carried on the chase truck for you.

·     Tools to change a tire. (Jack, tire iron, etc) 

·     Minimum of 2 or more spare belts.

·     Preparation. Please have your UTV prepped and ready for this adventure. This includes all spare parts            stowed securely away, as well as tools and spare tires. Please make sure all services are completed and          your UTV is well maintained. 

·     Helmets wired to radio via intercom. This is mandatory. At the speeds these UTV's can get going you              will have no time to fumble around looking for you hand held radio mic.

·     GPS and Radio with Intercoms. Mandatory

·     The GPS used are the Lowrance units. We will provide the trail map and load it onto your device for you. 

·     VHF radio. Handheld with helmet wire set up or mounted system. 

 **Please make sure both are in good working order and you know how to use them. 


·       Food and drinks. You are responsible for your lunch and trail snacks along the way. You will also want              to bring plenty of bottled water and beverages for consumption while out on trail. Please make sure                everything is secured. 

·       Gas. We will be stopping for gas on several occasions, which you will be responsible for purchasing. On             some expeditions additional gas will need to be carried.  We will notify you via pre event email if you              need to carry the  additional 5 to 10 gallons of gas.

·       Cash, small bills. Please make sure you have cash, in small bills. The gas stations do not take credit                    cards. 

·       Passports and Drivers licenses. You will need you passport to enter back into the USA. 

·      Insurance. You will need insurance for your UTV. We will provide the link to the insurance  company                 after you have signed up. There is a discount rate set up. 


**  Special Note: Absolutely no illegal drugs or guns are allowed in Baja. Prescription Drugs need to have               valid documents with them.


The cost:

$2400.00- includes 2 participants (you and your passenger) 

       All accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights, including breakfast and dinner. 

       Logistics/GPS mapping. Trail support w/ mechanics. Chase trucks and trailers. Mechanics and support             staff. 


      *To register for this event please fill out the info on the Right 

       -Additional Passengers $400.00

       Note - Trails may change at time of event. 

       No Refunds. 

Questions please contact us... CONTACT

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