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Support Team

What sets Off the GRID Expeditions apart from any other tour/expedition company is our expedition critical support system. Anticipating and predicting any potential expedition issues and knowing how to over come the issues in real time.

We work closely with with officials at the board of tourism, local Mexican officials and Ranch owners who's land we sometimes cross. We constantly stay in tune will all locals events and races so no trails are ever crossed. 

Our mapping process is provided via GEOS and then pre driven. This lets us know real time land changes and blockages. 

Our Chase vehicles, mechanics and satellite communications equipment are all state of the art and allow us to track our vehicles real time. 

On trail certified mechanics ready to fix any issue. Our technicians are Can Am / RZR certified.

On trail advanced medical support. Medics are on trail and have direct contact with local medical facilities.


Tier one tour operators guide you every step of the way and show you the hidden treasures of Baja.

The Hanger

Baja Charriots

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