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                 " El Bandito"

Trip Outline: Baja Full Peninsula - 9 days, 8 nights. Tecate to San Quintin, San Quintin to Cativina, Cativina to Bay of LA-Bay, Bay of LA to San Ignacio, San Ignacio to Scorpion Bay for two days, Scorpion Bay to San Carlos, San Carlos to LaPaz, LaPaz to Cabo

Dates: July 12th - 20th 2024

Trip Cost Per Owned UTV: $7400.00. Covers 2 people per UTV, Hotels, food, guides, mechanics, support trucks, and, most importantly, transportation of your UTV back to Tecate. 

Deposit; $2,500.00 Non Refundable

Trip Itinerary 

The El Bandito expedition is something that has been talked about for years, especially during our full peninsula trips like the Conquistador or Lands End. These conversations usually involve a desire for more time to explore and take in the sights of Baja. That's why we're putting it into our yearly schedule. This 9-day trip will take you down the Baja Peninsula, covering over 1700 miles, while staying at some of Baja's most prestigious private resorts along the way. Expect first-class trails, food, hotels, and plenty of exploration time to see the treasures of Baja.

ay 1 - Tecate to San Fleipe 

            An amazing day of driving, and the trails provide a multitude of terrain. Staring in the pine forests of north Baja at an altitude of 4500 feet, you will experience some of Baja's best well-maintained trails. This is an awesome introduction to Baja. Lunch will be in "Vally T” Before we head down Hwy 3  to the top of the San Felipe. The El Diablo dry lake will probably be wet this time of year, but it will still be an awesome time as we can check up and do drone video footage of all the UTVs side by side. After playing around, we will aim our sights on the famous San Felipe washes. These washes are technical and challenging and need to be driven with care. Belt temps can sour, and the constant oversteering will definitely take its toll on the drivers.

The final stretch into San Felipe will be the whooped put ZOO Road. Famous for high-speak videos online with whoops the size of Volkswagens. Luckily, we will only have about 15 miles of them, just enough to see what the Baja1000 races endure. Tonight, we will stay in the El Cortex Hotel.  This epic beachfront hotel has a beautiful restaurant and bar on the sand.  

Day 2 - San Fleipe to Gonzaga Bay / Cativina 

            Day two, the adventure starts as we head out to the “never-never.” At this point of the trip, you will realize the importance of what Off the GRID Expeditions provides. Once we leave San Felipe, we will be on our own and will be 100% relying on our Chase support team for any help needed. The plan is to head back into the sand Hwy’s of San Felipe and run some amazing fact trails. I have many trails mapped for this section so that we will pick the best maintained for the day. Lunch today will be in Gonzaga Bay, right on the Sea of Cortez. After lunch, the challenge for the day will start as we do a little Hwy drive until we reach the“ Tractor Trail,” this nail-biting rocky hill climb that will leave you white-knuckled all the way. Reaching the summit and taking a breath of fresh air to bring your heart rate down is a must after this trail. We will finish with a rocky trail to end at the hotel Mision Cativina for the day. Today was a good day.

Day 3 - Cativina to Bahía de los Ángeles

             We are starting our day early today as we have a long journey ahead of us. Our plan is to travel toward the Pacific Ocean through a beautiful rock desert. This desert is home to various species of cacti and unique rock formations, making it a stunning sight. The trail is fast but rocky as we get closer to the ocean. Once we reach the ocean, we will enjoy the beauty of Baja, which is a raw and uninhibited part of the land. After admiring the beauty, we will continue on the trail and head back toward the Cortez coast. We will have to navigate through washes and sometimes never-ending silt beds before arriving at the perfectly flat lake bed of Chapala. After taking an amazing photo on the dry lake bed, we will push on and cross over the peninsula towards Bahía de los Ángeles. Sand whoops are on the menu but luckily only for a short distance before the trail turns into a fast, tight weave race course. Today, we end right on the water's edge in Bahía de los Ángeles at a beautiful boutique hotel and enjoy dinner and drinks under the stars. A warmer climate, a nice soft bed, air conditioning and a good dinner will await, with the long day behind you!


DAY 4. Bahía de los Ángeles to Santa Rosalia

Leaving the Bahía de los Ángeles is always a little depressing but rest assured we have more exciting trails and sights to see. We'll drive south thought San Rafiel and El Barril and then into the never never as we decent into the uncharted..... Washes through the Sierra De San Francisco mountains then back down to Punta Baja... This route is not joke bit doable and simply epic.... They amazing sights and beaches we'll see wont disappoint. Well end the Day in Santa Rosalia (Santa Rosalia has a colorful history. However, before written history, the Cochimi Indians were recording their own life on the walls of caves and leaving behind fanciful painting on stones. All along the gulf the Indians lived for thousands of years, fishing the rich waters and gathering native plants. The bays were natural protection from fierce northern winds and destructive hurricanes. These naturally became fishing villages where children were born and raised and when the missionaries arrived they found communities. With the discovery of small green nuggets their pastoral life changed forever. Copper had been found in Baja California Sur)

DAY 5. Santa Rosalia to Scorpion Bay

A first-class breakfast, and then back on the trail, you will see the volcanic islands, just off the coast, and also some old, abandoned jails built by Mexican settlers. The trails of the day consist of some faster dirt roads, allowing you to put the pedal down. We'll start with a short Hwy drive south with an amazing view off the Sea of Cortez before heading Wast through small town of San Jose Magdalena. The trails are tight and technical but absolutely breath taking. Cave painting and over hanging cliffs make up most the day as we merge trails with La Vuelta canyon. This epic canyon covered with green lush growth is something from a Jurassic Park movie. The trail will lead us up and over some fun twisty mountains roads before heading into Scorpion Bay for the night...

San Juanico, better known as Scorpion Bay, is a small fishing village on the Pacific side of the peninsula that’s become a classic Baja surf spot. There are multiple point breaks that bring epic surf when the conditions are right. When a big south swell hits, the waves break at four points and rides can last for over a minute. Small days are great for beginner surfers while bigger days require a little more experience.

DAY 6. Scorpion Bay to Loreto

This is the El Bandito and it would not be complete with out putting in some kind of big miles... So today we'll go from coast to coast. Leaving scorpion Bay on the beach drive of a life time. Down the Pacific for miles before exiting at Punta San Gregorio point. Once we exit the mountains are  calling....... La Purisima!!! The trails are good but watch out for all that volcanic rock as we climb up the remands of a 10 million year volcano. Although green and lush plants are everywhere the red rocks desecrate the trails as we climb.... Good news this does not last forever as we enter Comondú For more than two centuries, the territory that today is occupied by the municipality of Comondú was very thinly populated. The old missionary towns such as Loreto, San Javier, San José and San Miguel de Comondu, La Purisima and San Luis Gonzaga contained the most people and mainly after the transfer of the capital in 1828. What makes this so amazing is the landscape sounding Comondú.... Old ruins, green majestic landscape and yea the fact we are driving UTV's and taking this all in is amazing... As we end our trail we take a quick detour to the Mission of all Mission San Javier or also know as Mission San Francisco Javier 9 

The second California mission was originally founded 5 miles north, but moved to the current location in 1710. The church was built from 1744 to 1758, and remains as the finest preserved stone mission in Baja California. Here is how the mission came to be:


Having heard of an Indian settlement (rancheria) of La Vigge hidden away amid a circle of virtually impassable mountains, Padre Francisco Maria Piccolo forced his way afoot through rocky arroyos and precipitous passes until he reached the site. The trek was arduous indeed. Thinking the rancheria was termed La Vigge, which to the Indians meant mountain, each time he came upon a new group of Indians and inquired of the way to La Vigge, they would send him off to a new series of mountain peaks. Having arrived at last, he founded Mission San Francisco Javier de Biaundo on May 11, 1699, about five miles north of the present mission, developed later by Padre Ugarte. After we'll drive down to the La Mision Hotel in Loreto. This hotel is amazing once again.... Dinner pool side with the sun glissading off the Cortez once again you have crossed the Baja peninsula.

DAY 7. Loreto to San Carlos

Breakfast while watching the sun on the Cortez.... not a bad way to start your day!  We all know everyone loves to ride so today we ride!!!... Leaving Loreto we start on the trail back up to the mission with a mountainous drive.  We'll soom be on the dirt making up time and "Yes heading for the pacific today. Pictures and video for sure -  because once you tell your friends they won't believe you. As the mountainous drive ends, we exit at the Hwy for fuel. Santa Dimingo is an amazing place. Soft looney trails through the mangroves ...... You'll be asking your self do i need more power.... The fast whooped out trails are some of our favorites in Baja... San Carlos Sur is our destination for night. Located just feet from the water's edge, this amazing destination is everyone's favorite. From the first class location to the amazing food and atmosphere, San Carlos won't disappoint. 

DAY 8 San Carlos to La Ventana

High speed is a YES! on these trails. Tons of whoops but not big enough to throw you out of rhythm, they allow you maximize your UTV's full potential, taking on over 200 miles of never ending trails.  Although not directly on the beach sand, the hard packed dirt is lightly covered with a soft layer of sand, making for some amazing trails, drifting corners and endless Pacific ocean sights to see. We meet up to get gas from the three chase trucks and enjoy lunch safari style again. Once again we'll cross he peninsula over to the Cortez. 

Day 9 La Ventana to Cabo

Navigating our way back out of this major city and heading south down to our trail on this final day of an amazing trip.


We will make a slight detour, and head over to visit the Bahia de Los Metros (Bay of Dreams.) This is when you plan your next life move to Paradise. The we treat you to 170+ mile drive down the East Cape to Cabo. This is a fast-paced, drifting road, with some truly amazing architectural sights to see. Before you know it, we will be in  Cabo, at the Hard Rock Hotel…. rubbing your eyes and asking yourself “What have I just done?” Some 1500 + miles later!

With extensive planning, these tours are designed for you to just show up and enjoy yourself. Leave all the stressful logistics and planning to us! Baja Sur is simply the most amazing adventure available. 



Whether you’re a Baja race veteran or this is your first time to Baja these professionally guided tours are designed so that we do all the work. You just show up, drive and take the true experience of Baja in. We remove the "what if" factor from your adventure.

Trip Includes -  

- Guided trails from the border every step of the way

- UTV transportation from Cabo San Lucas to the USA See more on UTV Transport (click here)

- The entire course has been pre run and mapped so that you will be able to view the trail on your Lowrance GPS unit. See GPS Usage page (click here)

-  All Hotels included while on trail. The hotels are amazing. (Cabo is not included)  You can choose to say at any hotel you like in Cabo

-  Breakfast and dinners, all nights

-  Unsurpassed trail support. With our mechanics on the trail your mechanical problem is a thing of the past.

-  A lead UTV will guide the group. The lead UTV will radio back any potential  hazards that you may encounter along the way.

-  A sweep support UTV, that hold parts and tools for almost any trail breakdowns, will ensure that everyone gets to their destination. 

- On the trail Mechanics that will handle any issues that might pop up. These mechanics, or “Baja Ninjas” as we call them, are truly amazing to have along.

-  Parts: Please remember there are several different models and manufactures of UTV’s all requiring different parts. Off the Grid does carrie some parts but not all. We recommend you bring any spare parts necessary for your UTV. These parts will be carried on the chase trucks. We do recommend you carry spare belts, rear axels, and communally used parts for your manufacture of UTV. 

-  The Chase trucks hold a multitude of tools, welders, parts, wheels and tires as well as emergency fuel and medical  equipment baring any insentient along the way.

Requirements - (Click Here)

FAQ - (Click Here)

What are you responsible for?


 You are responsible for just a few things on this amazing journey.


·First and foremost, you are responsible for your actions. A clear and level        headed driver and passenger. You will  be able to drive at your pace, and to        your driving ability. Whether it be a cruising speed or at a faster pace, as              long as you are comfortable and in control, you’re doing good. Good attitude, this is a must!!! We can assure you along the way we will encounter  some type of mechanical issue and we will all have to stop. Our mechanics will be on any issue as fast as possible. With a good attitude, we  will all  have a good time.




  • Flight from Cabo to Tecate to retrieve your UTV. We'll update you on the flight info

  • Snacks and drinks. You are responsible for snacks along the way. You will also want to bring plenty of bottled water and beverages for consumption while out on trail. Please make sure everything is secured. 

  • Gas. We will be stopping for gas on several occasions, which you will be responsible for purchasing. On some  expeditions additional gas will need to be carried.  We will notify you via pre event email if you need to carry the    additional 5 to 10 gallons of gas.

  • Lunches and chase refueling. Off the GRID Expeditions will pay for the lunches and chase truck fuel as most lunches are on trail or supplied by the chase team. At the end of the trip the total amount of is divided evenly amongst the number of UTV's and paid back to us.

  • Cash, small bills. Please make sure you have cash. Most gas stations do take credit cards but not all them. Recommended amount for a full peninsula trip is $2500.00

  • Passports and Drivers licenses. You will need you passport to enter back into the USA. 

  • Insurance. You will need insurance for your UTV. We will provide the link to the insurance  company after you have signed up. There is a discount rate set up. 

  • **  Special Note: Absolutely no illegal drugs or guns are allowed in Baja. Prescription Drugs need to have valid documents with them.

The cost:

$7400.00- includes 2 participants (you and your passenger) 

       All accommodations for 9 days and 8 nights, including breakfast and dinner. 

       Logistics/GPS mapping. Trail support w/ mechanics. Chase trucks and trailers. Mechanics and support staff.                   

-Additional Passengers Please Call 

Questions please contact us... 

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